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   Preserving and celebrating our historic heritage is one of the goals of the Sylvania Community.  One of the ways we honor that heritage is the recreation of vintage base ball matches by the Great Black Swamp Frogs Base Ball Club.  The Frogs play Civil War Era base ball using rules codified in 1860.  Players wear old time uniforms, the umpire and the scorer appear in period attire, and even some of the spectators don historic dress.
   The ball club is named for the Great Black Swamp that once covered much of the northwest Ohio area and Toledo's early nickname, "Frogtown".  The game that the Frogs play is fundamentally the same as baseball today; differences in rules, strategies, and equipment are portrayed and duplicated as accurately as possible.  In the mid-nineteenth century, base ball was two words and an amateur game played by respectable gentlemen.  The Frogs, along with their families, recreate these social and recreational events.
    The Frogs are charter members of the Vintage Base Ball Association.
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Next Matches:

Saturday, August 30th, 2014
The Ohio Cup Festival
at the Ohio Histrocial Center

11 am vs. Indianapolis Blues
at Union Grounds

1 pm vs. Frosty Sons of Thunder
at Muffin Meadow

3 pm vs. Huntington Champion Hilltoppers
at Capitoline Field

Confederate Club Unleashes 'Artillery', Pounds Southern Club

   Marblehead, Ohio -- [Note: On August 24th, the Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio, donned the prison garb of Confederate officers housed at Johnson's Island, and will be referred to as the "Confederate Club" in this article.  The Ohio Village Muffins, also dressed as prisoners, played at the "Southern Club."  The two clubs played a match to honor the 150th anniversary of the first known base ball match between two rival clubs in Ohio.]
    On a warm summer day at the Federal prison for Confederate Officers on Johnson's Island, the rival Confederate Club and Southern Club challenged each other to a base ball match.  Watched carefully by somber Federal guards, the two clubs played a lively match that thrilled visitors from nearby Sandusky.  The prisoners engaged in much wagering during the match, and several attempts to hit a guard with a batted ball were made by strikers, one of which was successful.  Two prisoners also futilely attempted to escape that afternoon, but were easily corralled by the guards.
   The red-shirted Confederates jumped out to an early lead, scoring four times in the bottom of the first inning, a lead which they would never relinquish.  The Confederate offense was led by the brothers, Darius and Cyrus Sarosh, who launched majestic shots that brought to mind the finest-trained artillery units.   The Confederates also turned in a fine defensive effort, making outstanding plays in the field and avoiding muffs for the most part. 
   The Southern Club, wearing white shirts, attempted to rally numerous times throughout the afternoon, but these attempts proved as fruitless as General Pickett's charge at Gettysburg.   The Confederate Club proved too much for the Southern Club that day, winning by a score of 23 to 9.

Reported by Rick Fuchs, August 24, 2014

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